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Mastermind Groups for Rec Directors.

We believe in the well-being of the people on the front-lines. We believe in what the campus recreation industry is doing, and we are behind what campus rec stands for.

Campus Rec MGX is an extension of our mission at Peake Media — to educate and empower health, wellness and fitness professionals. We believe we can change the world by providing executive directors and directors accountability, professional development opportunities, and the chance to continue throughout the year with the same learning and relationship building you’ll find at our annual Leadership Summit.

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Leadership Accountability

Immediate professional development
based on your specific challenges
as a leader.

Inclusive for All

100% virtual and budget friendly
= accessible for anyone.

High-Level Problem Solving

Leverage the power of your peers
in your challenges and problems
to help you succeed.

Not “Just Another Meeting”

Access to research,
annual curriculum and the
Leadership Summit.


Up to eight
members in a group


Twelve meetings
every year

What are Campus Rec Mastermind Groups?

Your personal industry advisors.

Executive directors and directors form peer-to-peer Mastermind groups for high-level problem solving, leadership growth and accountability.

Our Mastermind Groups are created to be a space for you to present questions and challenges you are faced with in your position so you can leverage the power of your peers to help you succeed. It is a leadership accountability group that provides immediate professional development based on your specific challenges as a leader.

Meet Our Senior Advisor

An Industry voice.

Grady Sheffield is the director of Campus Recreation at Towson University and is the senior advisor of the Campus Rec MGX. We are keeping a finger on the pulse of the industry through his insight, crafting these groups to better serve you.

“I hope to gain diverse perspectives and insights into some of the challenges I face as director and leader of a department. I also hope I can influence and empower those in my group to overcome their challenges.”

Grady Sheffield
How does it work?

Ready for every challenge.

Campus Rec MGX groups will consist of six to eight executive directors or directors. Groups will meet 12 times a year — or once a month virtually for 1.5 to 2 hours — to go over a set curriculum based on the overarching focus areas of the industry. These include:

• Department culture
• Self professional development
• Assessment and evaluation
• Fiscal management
• Strategic planning

How do I sign up for Campus Rec MGX?

Join us today.

Apply below and your application will be reviewed by a member of our team. We’ll contact you to learn more about your goals and overall fit for one of the groups. If accepted, you’ll be placed a group. If you’re interested in multiple members of your team being involved, email for additional information on group discounts​.

Membership Benefits

  • One virtual meeting a month
  • Registration to the Leadership Summit, a $495 value
  • Bi-weekly newsletter with exclusive resources for members
  • Access to peers for your own accountability and leadership development
  • Case studies and topics relevant to the industry
Heather Hartmann, Editor of Campus Rec

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